call centres

We install and support call centre operations.

Whether you have just two phones, or two thousand, we have affordable groundbreaking technology that you need in today's intense competitive market.

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Customers of ours

  • Small businesses
  • Medium sized companies
  • Call centres
  • Hotel complexes
  • International companies
  • Sports centres
  • Multi-office companies
  • Apartment complexes
  • And a few private users
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Whatever the size of your business...

We help businesses of all sizes to use telecom technology to their advantage.

Become a customer and enjoy the benefits.

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pro-active support

Outstanding service

Avance Telecom has developed a Pro-active Support Program (PSP), adapting your telecom system to changes in your business.

We provide a seamless experience and peace of mind.

case studies

We have selected two companies below to demonstrate some of the typical problems businesses are struggling with and how Avance Telecom has solved them.


An adventure sports holiday company based both in the UK and Lanzarote. We halved their monthly outgoing phone bill, professionalised their customers incoming call experience, reduced missed sales calls and provided a UK phone number for UK customers to reach the Lanzarote office. More


We joined Wave's UK and Australia offices, providing free internal office calls, call transfer, etc...and improved call quality. Reducing their phone bill and providing marketing assistance helped lower their costs substantially, which is why we are so confident we can do the same for your business. More